The Malachi Academy Inc. is a learning facility created especially for pre-school and lower elementary aged neurodiverse learners. We provide individualized support, tutoring and educational enhancement that cater to each child’s developmental and academic needs. We use evidenced based practices to ensure that each child is given the ability to learn at their own pace and level, as well as an opportunity to cultivate their independent daily living skills. We pride ourselves in collaborating with their therapies to promote the development of the whole child.

Why did we create The Malachi Academy Inc.?

Working with this community for many years, the founders of The Malachi Academy Inc. have witnessed the harsh realities neurodiverse students and their families face on a daily basis. We have found that many of our learners have academic and behavioral support needs that are so high, that most schools are not equipped to support or accommodate for them. We aim to provide a space for these type of learners to learn at their own pace, while strictly following their Behavior Intervention Plans in order to reduce problem behaviors and increasing their adaptive skills. Eventually we hope that we can fully prepare our learners for less restrictive environments in the future.

When our baby Malachi (our namesake) was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we knew it was pertinent that we create an environment where he would be supported regardless of his skill deficits or behavioral intensity. We knew he is not the only learner who needs this small learning environment and we are determined to provide it to them.

Curriculums We Use:

Here at The Malachi Academy, we believe in using integrated curriculums in order to meet individual needs and abilities. We also do this in order to promote critical thinking skills and boost their confidence.

  • The Science of Reading: prescribes instruction for concepts such as word recognition, decoding, phonological awareness, and sight word recognition for younger students.
  • Handwriting without tears: uses manipulatives, engaging students in multisensory learning. Fun, simple, and developmentally appropriate instruction that makes handwriting fun.
  • Math spectrum: Give students the consistent practice they need to build mastery! Spectrum Workbooks from Carson-Dellosa cover a wide range of subjects and topics, including Math, Science, and Language Arts, to help students better understand the concepts they’re learning.
  • Unique curriculum and news 2 you: is a one‑of‑kind solution designed specifically to help students with special learning needs master their state's extended standards.
  • life skills: our teacher compiles activities from different life skills curriculums in order to have well rounded activities, from food sorting to folding clothes and other daily living skills.

Daily Living Skills

Peer Play



Lendilyn Maranan has been an educator for more than 20 years. She has her Masters in Early Childhood and Special Education. She has taught in the state of Florida for eight years, and in a specialized classroom for mixed aged and ability in the last three years. Her role in the Malachi Academy is to create and individualize the curriculum to the needs of each child. She will lead and support all staff on a daily basis.

Lendilyn has previously held the title of Educational Coordinator in a school for differently abled learners and as the Interim Director of a non-profit preschool. Her expertise has allowed her to tailor and individualize her curriculum to support each of her learners.

Veronica Rojas

Behavior Specialist

Veronica Rojas has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for over three years. She is a certified Behavior Analyst and has experience with a variety of neurodivergent learners. She works with children to help them meet their skill acquisition goals while reducing extreme maladaptive behaviors. Veronica’s primary role in the Malachi Academy will be to ensure that all children’s BIPs, IEP’s and 504 plans are being followed.

Previously, Veronica taught in a private Montessori School for five years. She is certified to teach Infant and Toddler Montessori curriculum which specializes in promoting academic learning and independence in daily living skills.

Lynn Maranan

Educational Director

Hannah Vergara

Office Manager

Hannah Vergara is a Registered Behavior Technician and has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for three years. She has also worked as an Assistant for an Elementary Montessori Classroom. She has years of experience working with learners of all ages and abilities. Hannah has her Bachelor’s in Psychology and is currently pursuing her Master’s in ABA as well.

Her four years with the title of Administrative Assistant at the University of West Florida has given her the appropriate skillset to be our Office Manager. In the Malachi Academy, Hannah’s role will be to oversee our admissions office and answer any inquiries you may have regarding our facility.

Cynthia Mendez

Billing Manager

Cynthia Mendez is currently working as a Registered Behavior Technician and has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for over four years. She has experience working with neurodivergent learners of varying abilities. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in ABA.

Previously, Cynthia was as an Accounts Receivable Associate, working with billing for four years before working primarily with children. Her role in the Malachi Academy will be to oversee the preparation of statements and bills, and maintaining client records related to invoicing and bill payment.



  1. Request information and schedule a tour.
  2. Family interview
  3. Financial Commitment

Why do we conduct a family interview?

Here at The Malachi Academy Inc. our main goal is to ensure each child has the individualized support they need in all aspects. We want to get to know each family and learn what the family’s goals are for the child. Alongside with getting to know your family, we want to ensure we have your commitment to work with us as a team in supporting your child’s academic and developmental goals.

Please reach out to our admissions office if you have any questions, we would be happy to provide any additional information about our facility.



The first step we will be taking is assessing your child. From there, their curriculum will be designed to their specific needs. Each child will be learning at their own pace. We will strive to meet them where they are at.

Social and Life Skills:

Our goal is to support the child’s development as a whole. This means that the tailored curriculum will include social and life skill goals as well. We will do this by placing your child in a social group where they will be encourage to explore, learn, and play collaboratively. They will also be given plenty of opportunities throughout the day to work on independent life skills (ie., making lunch, brushing teeth, tying shoe laces, etc.).

Support Team:

We acknowledge that the success of our learners is a shared responsibility. Therefore, we will be working closely with the families and different therapies (ie., ABA, Speech, OT, etc.) to ensure consistency and therefore, set each child up for success.

All employees have an affirmative duty to report all actual or suspected cases of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect. The schools also have a duty to comply with child protective investigations relating to such.


Step Up Scholarship: The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities is worth an average of $10,400. It covers the costs of private school tuition, instructional materials, home education, tutoring, and more.

Chances Advocates LLC: Developmental Disability Care provider that provides a wide variety of services geared toward supporting families and their children. It can be challenging for many families who lack the formal training and experience to properly care for children on the spectrum. The experience can be overwhelming, however, families don’t have to face this alone. They can rely on professionals who are better equipped to address what they need.

Therapies: If you are looking for resources regarding additional therapies, such as ABA, Speech, OT, etc., feel free to please reach out. We are willing to connect you with amazing companies that we have and continue to collaborate with.

We would be more than happy to walk you through the application process and help you find other scholarships if you find these are not right for you. We also have a network of therapies we work closely with in Port Saint Lucie and we are happy to provide their information if that is something you and your family are in search for.


While our passion and dedication are unwavering, specialized education for children with unique abilities requires additional resources and funding, which is why we've launched this campaign.

Your donation will directly contribute to:

  • Funding specialized educational materials and technology.
  • Hiring and retaining qualified special education teachers and therapists.
  • Expanding our facilities to accommodate more students.
  • Providing scholarships for families who cannot afford tuition.
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